Dogged Reporting

In all the excitement over Duane "Dog" Chapman returning to Denver on Thursday, April 11, to defend the honorable profession of bounty hunting before the Colorado Legislature, apparently our state's lawmakers overlooked an important new Dog report.

On the cover of the current National Enquirer, right above "Baby for Jen!," there's a kicker for an "exclusive: Dog's son in Nazi scandal."

Here's the scoop: Last fall, A&E yanked Dog the Bounty Hunter after Chapman's racist ranting was spewed across the media, thanks to taped phone calls leaked by his son, Tucker, whose black girlfriend was the target of Dog's bite. And now that A&E is about to put Dog's reality show back on the air, the Enquirer has a photo of Christopher Hecht, another Dog pup, wearing a vest "with a Neo-Nazi skinhead patch, which has two swastikas, the twin lightning bolt symbol of Hitler's 'Master Race' SS troops, and the statement 'Equal Rights for Whites.'"

The photo was taken in Denver last summer, right about the time Christopher told the Enquirer that his father was a racist who smoked crack and used the "N" word constantly. But by November, Christopher had changed his opinion enough to go on Larry King Live and defend his scary-faced father.

He might not have been the best character witness for a pup talk, though. According to the Enquirer, Christopher Hecht has served time for gay-bashing and was charged with "ethnic intimidation" against a black man.-- Patricia Calhoun

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.