"Drinks With Dad" proposal dries up in Senate committee

Raise a glass to the death of this year's dopiest bill -- so far. Senator Greg Brophy had proposed that parents be able to buy grown-up beverages at Colorado bars and restaurants for children over seventeen. But yesterday a Senate committee decided that Brophy's "Drinks With Dad" proposal was all wet.

Several vocal groups had opposed the measure, including the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police and the Colorado Restaurant Association, whose members would have been tasked with carding the new customers -- and in these days of complicated family relationships, ascertaining whether the adult at the table was the legal guardian or actual parent of the would-be drinker could almost require a DNA test or trip to Ancestry.com.

When he proposed the measure, Brophy -- whose website bills him as "husband, father, farmer" --had suggested that it would help parents how to teach their children to drink responsibly. But there's a far more logical place to do that:

At home.

From the Calhoun: Wake Up Call archive: "Free 3.2 beer! It's time to issue a last call for the archaic contrivance of low-alcohol beer."

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