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Dustin Jefferson, pedestrian killed after UFC 135, hit twice, dragged 300 feet (PICS)

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Update: An eyewitness has stepped forward to offer his account about the terrible hit-and-run that took the life of Montana's Dustin Jefferson following UFC 135 this past weekend. He's B. Dutch Seyfarth, a Westword contributor who says he happened upon the horrific accident just in time to see Jefferson struck by a vehicle for a second time.

Here's the first note about the incident Seyfarth posted on his Facebook page:

As I was driving home from Ziggies at 3:30 a.m. I got onto I-25 @ Speer like I always do. About 1/8 mile down the highway, I suddenly came up on a young man splayed across the far right lane. I immediately pulled over along with another car. As I was running back up the road the few hundred feet to where the young man was, another car ran over and drug that person more than 300 feet until they pulled over behind my Jeep. When I reached the car and reached under, the young man's hand grabbed mine and I knew he was still alive. I kept him talking and conscious until help arrived. When they removed the car from on top of the young man, he died. True story. So very sad.

Moments ago, I was able to reach Seyfarth by e-mail, and he confirmed that the young man in question was Jefferson. He calls the experience "easily the worst and saddest thing I have ever witnessed in my life."

Seyfarth adds that "two young women still dressed in their Skylab 2000 rave outfits also arrived on scene right after me and tried to help. It was the three of us who ran up the road to pull the body from traffic, and it was us three who witnessed the body (of the then-still-alive young man) getting run over and dragged more than 300 feet right past us.

"It is also worth mentioning that I knew the young man died after they removed the car from on top of his body, although the 'official' reports say he was pronounced dead at DGH," he continues, adding that it was "heartbreaking to see such a young man die in such a grisly way."

Look below to see our earlier coverage.

Original item, 8:39 a.m. September 26: The excitement surrounding Saturday's UFC 135 bout at the Pepsi Center, in which Jon Jones defeated Rampage Jackson, turned tragic shortly thereafter. According to the Denver coroner's office, UFC fan Dustin Jefferson, 25, a Bozeman, Montana resident who'd traveled to Denver for the fight, was killed as he crossed I-25 en route to the VQ Hotel.

Jefferson's Facebook page is private; the only item that's publicly available is the small photo of him and some buddies seen here.

However, Jefferson's MySpace page remains viewable. Like plenty of MySpace pages, it doesn't appear to have been updated for a long time. But it offers a look at Jefferson's youth as a high school student and football player in the Montana community of Hardin. Here are some photos from that period.

Other pics include images of Jefferson's nephew -- one of the coolest ever, according to a caption.

The Denver Police Department are calling the accident that claimed Jefferson's life a hit and run. The incident casts a negative shadow over an event that returned the UFC to the city where it all began.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.