Dusty Saunders debuts for the paper he spent more than a half-century competing against

This morning's blog about the new LakewoodEdge.com website notes that its founder, Charley Able, took a buyout from the Rocky Mountain News in 2007. So, too, did Dusty Saunders, who spent over 53 years on the staff, most of them as a broadcasting critic -- and even after signing off, he continued to freelance for the tabloid. Hence the shock of seeing Saunders's regular Monday roundup of sports-related media items in the Denver Post , the paper he spent the lion's share of his career trying to beat on a daily basis.

In his Post debut, Saunders allows himself a self-referential moment. "Since I've been monitoring local sport anchors or TV score-readers (take your pick) for more than half a century, I'm certainly qualified to offer a bit of advice to Kami Carmann, the newest full-time addition to the KMGH-7 sports department," he writes prior to declaring that Carmann talks too quickly and is excessively cutesy. However, he resists the urge to discuss his new print base or to talk about whether this transition strikes him as odd. Then again, considering the number of Rocky refugees getting prominent play in the Post these days, Saunders probably feels very much at home.

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