Entertainment Weekly isn't on the Fray's bandwagon

Around here, implying that the Fray is something less than the second coming of the Beatles borders on apostasy. In the world at large, however, the Denver band seldom gets special treatment -- unless said treatment is especially nasty.

Take the "Coming Reactions" section of Entertainment Weekly's January 9 edition, which reviews "long movie-trailer-like ads for new and returning shows." The promo for the much-anticipated January 21 return of ABC's Lost receives a middling C+ grade that's justified by the following blurb: "Vague glimpses of Season 5 are intercut with shots of the Fray performing their latest power ballad. Translation: The new year of Lost will either be gripping, romantic, and easily accessible... or as lame as the Fray."

That sound you just heard was Isaac Slade canceling his EW subscription... -- Michael Roberts

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