Entrepreneurs behind INDenver Times backing out

Last week, Kevin Preblud, one of the three entrepreneurs backing INDenver Times, an online news operation featuring thirty former members of the Rocky Mountain News, said the decision to announce a formal launch today, April 23, would likely be made based on a combination of page views and subscriptions, rather than pivoting on an announced goal of lining up 50,000 subscribers. He added that he and his partners could still decide to pull out, but that possibility was "remote."

A lot can change in a week. This morning's Denver Post reveals that Preblud and his fellow backers are exiting -- and e-mails I received late yesterday from assorted participants in the project confirm the report. The Post piece doesn't include comments from Preblud, but I'm scheduled to speak with him shortly. Look for a blog about that conversation soon. In the meantime, though, the current INDenver Times is leading with a celebration of what would have been the Rocky's 150th anniversary today as written by Michael Madigan, whose "Rocky@150" series was interrupted by the tabloid's late February demise. A release about the impending departure of Preblud and company is supposed to appear later this morning, and that's a good thing -- because at present, INDenver Times looks as if it's been scopped on its own story.

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