Erotica author Jaxine Bubis gets f*cked in El Paso County

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Jaxine Bubis was feeling the heat last week, after it was revealed that the would-be Republican challenger of embattled Senate president John Morse in his recall election had written erotica under the pen name Jaxine Daniels, including 2004's Beantown Heat. El Paso conservatives were shocked -- shocked! -- by some of the language in that steamy volume, while romance writers were irritated that Bubis's supporters tried to put her in their kinder, gentler genre. And as it turned out, Bubis the erotic author had been outed by a supporter of another challenger for Morse's seat.

Some of the choicer prose in Beantown Heat:

Now two fingers were deep inside her. She could feel herself clamp down on him, aching for his cock inside her. But then he leaned down and began sucking and licking her, as his fingers moved slowing in and out. In and out.

"You're not holding still." His voice was tantalizing. "And do you find this more provocative than if I read you the piece you read me that night? Please fuck me.... Shall I read it to you?"

"No. But please fuck me."

"In time, baby, in time."

And the time came yesterday, when Jaxine Bubis got fucked in the straw poll vote to determine which candidate the El Paso County Republican Party would get behind in the recall campaign. Both Bubis and former Colorado Springs City Councilman Bernie Herpin were vying for the slot, and had signed agreements to abide by the results of the vote, with the loser withdrawing from the race.

Bubis lost -- although her campaign website is still live, at least for now.

"Republicans took an important step to build a unified front to recall John Morse and stand up for our Constitutional rights," Herpin said in a statement acknowledging his victory.

According to coloradopols.com, gun-show owner Paul Paradis, a supporter of Herpin, had "pulled the trigger" on Bubis by sending an e-mail out with excerpts from her work.

With such ardent supporters, Herpin should have no trouble collecting the 1,000 legitimate signatures needed in order to get his name on the ballot.

The recall election could come as early as August 27, depending on the status of the appeal that Morse filed yesterday in Denver District Court, the latest in a series of challenges his attorneys have made to the recall efforts.

From our erotic archives: "Please f*uck me: Read 'erotic' prose by GOP state senate candidate Jaxine Bubis."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.