Ex-Rocky Mountain Newser Tracy Ringolsby carrying on -- after being stranded by Scripps

Lots of folks expected that Hall of Fame baseball writer Tracy Ringolsby would be among the former Rocky Mountain News journalists who'd find a new home at the Denver Post, including us. He was one of the five Rocky stars we thought might soon be moving from one floor of the Denver Newspaper Agency building to another. In the end, however, three of our picks -- Mike Littwin, Dave Krieger and Lynn Bartels -- got the nod, while Ringolsby was left on the sidelines along with ass-kicking business writer David Milstead, a current Westword Q&A subject.

To add insult to injury, Ringolsby was in Arizona covering the Colorado Rockies during spring training when the word came down about the impending closure of the Rocky last week -- and he had to dip into his own wallet in order to get home.

"Got to love Scripps" for the way it "cut off credit cards on the writers who were out of town," Ringolsby notes via e-mail. He went to the airport in Tucson, but the personnel there wouldn't take his company credit card either to purchase a plane ticket or to pay for the rental car he'd driven during his assignment. He wound up having to use his personal credit card to take care of both expenses.

Given these experiences, it's no wonder that Ringolsby has co-created a new project -- InsideTheRockies.com -- that allows him to determine his own destiny. Ringolsby is collaborating with two of his former Rocky colleagues on the site: fellow baseball writer Jack Etkin and Steve Foster, who most recently worked as an assistant sports editor in the tabloid's interactive department. Thanks to this triumvirate's wealth of experience, InsideTheRockies.com came out of the batter's box as one of the web's most authoritative sources for reports about the team -- shockingly, the Rocks actually won a "B" game yesterday -- as well as a go-to stop for scoops and seasoned analysis.

It didn't take long for Rockies fans to discover InsideTheRockies.com. Ringolsby points out that the site collected around 2,100 hits the first day, and the numbers have been building since then. Of course, he's paying the freight now -- but at least when he uses his credit card, he knows that Scripps can't cut off the funds.

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