Fearless Colorado Rockies opening-day prediction: 72 wins in 2009

On opening day, hope is supposed to spring eternal for Colorado Rockies fans -- and that's certainly the case in some quarters. Among the predictions made by readers on an April 4 Inside the Rockies post are a couple that suggest the Rocks could actually win the National League West, and several more that have them contending for the division crown only to fall just short. I only wish I could be as optimistic. Just because Todd Helton had a great training camp doesn't mean he'll be able to maintain his torrid hitting for the next several months, and the lineup as a whole hardly looks superior to last year's squad, which starred a certain Matt Holliday. Hence, I have them racking up 72 wins -- two shy of their 2008 total -- on their way to another finish far out of the money.

I want to be wrong. I pray that I am. But when it comes to this particular Rockies booster, hope is a rare commodity.


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