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Fifty most memorable women's mug shots of 2011

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Mug shots of women are less common than those of men. But this year, there was a bumper crop of the former. Now, in the wake of collections that spotlighted intimidating images, celebrities and notables, tattoos and hairstyles, here are the fifty most memorable images of female arrestees in 2011. Look at them below, and be sure to click on the links with them to read our original coverage. Read more in "Mary Torres allegedly steals SUV with kids inside, hits & runs before crashing into house." Read more in "Stepahnie Rochester baby-smothering case on hold because psych evaluation hasn't happened." Read more in "Sarah Lane busted for outstanding warrant after throwing pita sandwich at cab driver." Read more in "Calvin Pitts & Amanda Deleon charged even though coroner doesn't know what killed baby." Read more in "Karen Pena charged with child abuse after van driver runs over toddler in parking lot." Read more in "Brittany Gonzales accused of running over child, going back to get hubcap, then splitting (VIDEO)." Read more in "Chester Gray, Frank Devoe, Ryann Pangle: Did they pimp, beat 17-year-old who tried to split?" Read more in "Lisa Norton, hit & swim driver in fatal Gabriel Nielsen crash: DUI beefs, pot in truck (VIDEO)." Read more in "Abigail Suber, our shmuck: Pay me or I'll call immigration on you." Read more in "Detra Farries pleads not guilty to manslaughter in dragging death of tow-truck driver Allen Rose." Read more in "Kimberly Powell released in case of grandchild who 'pooped, got slapped and died.'" Read more in "Lee Grace Dougherty shot after car flip in wild roundup of the Dougherty gang." Read more in "Danielle Blankenship: Charge for killing cat by blowing heroin smoke in its face dropped." Read more in "Raul Nunez-Sota, Tina Louise Moya & a teen busted in Richard Limon slaying (19)." Read more in "Rebecca Ward after drunkenly crashing into three cars: 'I am so f*cked.'" Read more in "Antonio Rios third person sentenced in beating death of Nathan Bozonier, age 16." Read more in "Joan Zalk, yoga instructor, charged with animal cruelty for walking chihuahua while driving car." Read more in "Muriel Keer allegedly on computer in different room as her baby drowned in bathtub." Read more in "Stefanie Dickinson, on school board, allegedly sexts teen about rocking his effing world." Read more in "Jason Bomsta sentenced for death of man stuffed in toy bin over $100 drug debt." Read more in "Michelle Manzanares, cool mom, gives booze & pot to middle schoolers, then cools it in jail." Read more in "Teresa Porter's gang of identity thieves had secret formula: Jewelry shops + Pawn shops = $." Read more in "Kathy Johnson accused of inventing alleged kidnapper who told hubby, 'We won, nigga.'" Read more in "Carl Hughes, Tyrea Taylor go on $200,000 spending spree using counterfeit credit cards." Read more in "Nancy Marks, alleged money-bilking psychic: Did she foresee "illness" that delayed trial?" Read more in "Stefanie Dickinson, ex-school board member accused of sexting teen: New sex assault bust." Read more in "Amanda Joliff, Richard Smith charged with child abuse & more for imprisoning her son." Read more in "Brenda Harding sentenced to lifetime probation for sex assault on teen who committed suicide." Read more in "Jennifer Gomes, PE teacher, allegedly left bomb threat because she didn't want to be at school." Read more in "Traci Adams accused of luring ex-boyfriend to house so new love Mark Manyik could kill him." Read more in "Cassandra Ghirardi & Alexandra Wilde allegedly form mother/daughter identity theft ring." Read more in "Danielle Lynn Brockman charged with child abuse, neglect after 2 kids left alone die in fire." Read more in "Veronica Carpio, former owner of 420 Highways dispensary, arrested on marijuana charges." Read more in "John Vasquez, Marie Marone allegedly stabbed disabled woman to death for the thrill of it." Read more in "Lori Ann Waldo allegedly grabs bar staffer's balls, tells him she wants to f*ck his brains out." Read more in "Emi Coleman turns Breaking Dawn into broken skin, busted for allegedly biting 2 necks (VIDEO)." Read more in "Terah Rawlings, teacher: Did her pastor-uncle help cover up her student boinking?" Read more in "Tiffany Nicole Weaver, 7 others, indicted for alleged meth-fueled auto-theft ring (PHOTOS)." Read more in "Michelle Whitmire: High school cafeteria manager's alleged specialty giving pot to kids." Read more in "Courtney Bowles: Fort Collins teacher busted naked with student getting national exposure." Read more in "Frances Woodke & Shakiel Madden-Vaughn: Latest on hooker with AIDS, teen sex assaulter." Read more in "Christine Sylvester sentenced to five-year jolt for stealing almost $1 million from RV dealer." Read more in "Michelle Aleman's alleged weapon of choice in sister stabbing? A barbecue fork." Read more in "Mario McDonald charged along with 'grandma' Edna Iddings in horrific child abuse allegations." Read more in "Edward and Linda Bryant: What happened to alleged scammers' kids, missing for years?" Read more in "Ann Crall: Cancer-faking Lakewood cop's wife pleads guilty to fraud, could get 15 years." Read more in "Kathleen Folden on destroying Jesus-receiving-oral-sex art: Where's outcry in God's defense?" Read more in "Maria Plazola charged with going to high school fight and urging daughter to beat some ass." Read more in "Shannon Johnson gets 10 years after infant son drowned in bath as she played Facebook game." Read more in "Theresa Laswell charged with pimping child while 'bottom bitch' for brother Christian."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.