Fire Man

Sven Bean's a smart fighter.

When he first saw other fighters mixing different martial arts together, he knew it would change the world's oldest, most primitive competition forever. Bean was an aging fighter at the time, but he couldn't resist learning the new fighting style.

As he aged out of the ring, Bean started managing fighters and in 2000 he promoted his very first Ring of Fire.

Fast-forward to tonight's Ring of Fire 28, the first fight ever at the new Broomfield Event Center, where Serbia's Damir Mihalovic will square off against Boulder's own Eliot Marshall.

And all the way from Okinawa, Shinya Kumazawa will be stepping up to battle Dwayne Ludwig, who's straight outta Thorton.

Tickets are still available and the doors open at 7 p.m.; the fights start at 8 p.m.

"It's the nicest mixed martial-arts event that's ever been promoted in the state of Colorado, bar none," Bean said. "Exciting fights from top to bottom, top notch facilities, crazy production. It's just gonna be great."

To get psyched for the fight, read more about Bean here. -- Luke Turf

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