Five church officials accused of failing to report youth pastor Jason Roberson child-sex assault

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In 2005, according to an arrest report from May obtained by 7News, a then-fifteen-year-old girl sought an internship at VineLife even as she and Roberson, a friend of her family, started texting and calling each other.

Over the course of that year, the relationship escalated to the point where he would allegedly come to her school and meet with her as she was going from one class to another. Then, the alleged victim told investigators, he showed her a photo on his cell phone he said he couldn't erase -- of his penis.

More troubling claims: Roberson is said to have told the girl that she was dressed inappropriately, then watched as she changed; discussed topics like masturbation; and eventually started groping her breasts, often in his church office.

Such actions reportedly led the young woman to drift away from VineLife and get involved at another church, where confidantes with whom she shared her experiences encouraged her to press her case against Roberson. This past March, she did so with elders at VineLife, who suspended him and launched an inquiry in which he's said to have admitted most of the behavior mentioned by the woman, now 23 -- although he denied that he'd shown her the penis photo on purpose.

Finally, on Wednesday, Roberson turned himself in at Boulder County Jail in relation to allegations of sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and invasion of privacy.

Look below to see Roberson's booking photo, followed by the 7News report.

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