Five most memorable kids-in-trouble stories

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Number 4: His mom isn't LMFAO. Kids love singing popular song lyrics. But when D'Avonte Meadows, age six, joined the trend a few weeks back, he got in hot water thanks to the content of the sentence he delivered to a girl waiting with him in the school lunch line -- "I'm sexy and I know it," the hook of an infectious LMFAO jam.

As a result, D'Avonte earned a three-day suspension for sexual harassment -- punishment that flabbergasted Stephanie Meadows, D'Avonte's mom. "I could understand if he was fondling her, looking up her skirt, trying to look in her shirt. That, to me, is sexual harassment," she told 7News. "I'm just, I'm floored. They're going to look at him like he's a pervert.... That's not fair to him."

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