Flat-screen TVs in the immigration jail?

The Rocky Mountain Chronicle's ICE center cover.

The private, for-profit immigration detention center in Aurora has gotten some bad press lately. Last year, the Rocky Mountain Chronicle detailed complaints about overcrowding, poor medical care, and trouble making phone calls from the facility. Then, this summer, the jail’s planned expansion from 400 beds to 1,500 beds drew protests from people worried that such growth signaled Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s desire to round up even more illegal immigrants.

Now, The GEO Group, Inc., the company contracted by ICE to run the jail, is trying to show its softer side. On a recent visit, a guard informed Westword that detainees were now enjoying flat-screen TVs inside the jail.

Of course, when we tried to confirm this news with the warden, Teresa Hunt, the details got a little fuzzy. The person answering the phone in Hunt’s office said the TVs hadn’t arrived yet, but "they’re getting some." She couldn’t say when or how many. And Hunt failed to return our repeated phone calls.

So the mystery remains: Will undocumented immigrants enjoy Gossip Girl on flat-screen while they await deportation? You may have to get arrested to find out. -- Lisa Rab

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