Flippin' Awesome

We knew that local skateboarder William Spencer was the purveyor of some wacky tricks, but this? Fast plants, early grabs, finger flips, uh, hand stands . . . board-to-board-to-board transfers?

His skills first went on display when the Denver Shop, a skateboard hangout, premiered the video "Hollarado!" last July. But it was only last month that shop owner Tony Mellick put Spencer's performance on youtube.com, where it has since gone viral with over 80,000 hits. Viewer comments range from "fukin sikkk!," to "ummm... colorado is weird."

We, too, are both delighted and confused by the 22-year-old's creative morphing of old- school skating elements with Parkour's urban gymnastics. And then there's his feat of insanity: a running front flip down a massive set of stairs at Civic Center Park, after which he lands on a skateboard and rides away. Yikers!

Spencer has reportedly moved to California, where he's exploring a career as a stuntman. Hmm, does Jackie Chan ride skateboards? -- Jared Jacang Maher

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