Focus on the Family getting out of the fixing-gays biz

"Focus on the Family: Gay People Can Still Be Fixed," a blog published last week, made the point that the Colorado Springs-based, James Dobson-founded evangelical organization continues to hold that homosexual proclivities can be "cured" through therapy despite the American Psychological Association's blanket excoriation of such practices. Days later, Focus confirms that it's getting rid of Love Won Out, a program intended to straighten out gays, transferring control to Florida's Exodus International ministry -- but not because it's wrong and harmful and stupid. No, according to Focus veep Gary Schneeberger, the reason is because it's a money loser. "Love Won Out is not an inexpensive event to stage," Schneeberger told the Denver Post, "and rarely, in over fifty cities where it's been held, have we ever made back our investment, despite good attendance."

Could that be because the practice has been so thoroughly discredited by pretty much everyone that fewer people than ever feel the need to subject themselves to it? As a Magaic 8 Ball might say, "The outlook is good."

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