Freda Poundstone gave Dan Maes money -- now it's payback time

Don't mess with octogenarians. That's a lesson that Scott McInnis learned when he threw his 82-year-old "Musings on Water" collaborator under a bus, and it sounds like 83-year-old Freda Poundstone is about to give Dan Maes a swift kick with her sensible shoes this morning.

It was a week ago that the story went public about how Poundstone -- a longtime political operative, former Greenwood Village mayor and early Maes supporter -- went to an ATM with the then-underdog gubernatorial candidate and gave him $300.

It was for his overdue mortgage, Poundstone says. It was a campaign contribution, Maes insists, although so far that contribution has not shown up on any campaign forms.

Poundstone soon removed her support from Maes. And at 8 a.m. on KHOW 630 AM, she'll tell Peter Boyles why.

But we already know that candidates should not disrespect their elders. McInnis certainly learned that when he laid the blame for the plagiarized "Musings on Water" on 82-year-old Rolly Fischer, a now-former friend and colleague who was paid a pittance to provide what he thought was simply background on water history for McInnis. Fischer's interview with John Ferrugia put another nail in the coffin of McInnis's gubernatorial campaign.

Expect Poundstone to come out swinging...a hammer.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.