Free ammo at gun-law protest? Not quite, Denver Post

As we've reported, Magpul is a weaponry business based in Erie that's so aghast at new gun-control laws about to go into effect that it's pledged to leave Colorado. Before folks at the firm pull up stakes, though, they're doing everything they can to protest what they see as an attack on their rights as American citizens via efforts like a recent sale of special "Free Colorado" magazines to benefit gun-rights causes. But is Magpul now going to hand out actual ammunition to make its point? Not quite -- even though the Denver Post reported it this morning.

Here's the headline that appeared in the Post's print edition:

So...is Magpul giving away bullets? Nope -- as the headline on the Post's online version of the article makes clear. Instead, the company is offering magazines of the same sort featured in the aforementioned sale. Here's a larger look at the "Free Colorado" magazine.... ...and this is a variation dubbed "Boulder Airlift" that has also been earmarked for giveaway: How can you get one of these mags? By being among the first 1,500 people over age eighteen to show up at an event called the "Farewell to Arms Freedom Festival," which takes place from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, June 29, at Infinity Park, 4599 East Tennessee Avenue in Glendale.

Why was this date chosen? The Magpul Facebook page notes, "This event marks Coloradans' last chance to celebrate the ability to own standard capacity magazines prior to new Colorado laws taking effect on July 1st."

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The event is sponsored by FreeColorado.net, a nonprofit that describes its mission like so: "Engaging in targeted actions to reverse Colorado laws that imperil the rights of law-abiding firearm owners and ensuring that no other State passes such reckless government regulation."

The site linked above encourages early registration, especially for those who want one of the free magazines, which will be illegal to purchase in Colorado next Monday. But when it comes to bullets, you're on your own.

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