Freezing your ass off?: You could live at house in Westminster that nearly became an ice rink

A search for the terms "Denver" and "temperature" moments ago prompted a reading of eight below zero. That's pipe-busting weather -- and as an incentive for folks to make sure theirs don't erupt, the City of Westminster offers the tale of a home in the area that flooded mere days ago. Had it happened last night, kids off from school would already be skating in the basement. Info and photos below.

Below, see pics of the home in question, as well as a Westminster press release:

Frozen Pipe Causes Major Damage to Westminster Home

On January 27, Westminster Fire and Police responded to a call for a flooded basement. First arriving crews discovered over three feet of water in the basement. There was significant water damage throughout the structure.

An upstairs pipe had frozen sometime earlier in the month, subsequently thawed and had been flowing water for some time. Drywall throughout the home will have to be removed to allow for the wood framing to completely dry. The homeowner had recently completely remodeled the home, with new carpet, paint, kitchen appliances, granite countertops, and hard wood floors. Owners were in the process of putting the home on the market. Initial damage assessment indicates nearly all drywall, floor coverings, and furnishings, including furnace, interior doors, and lighting fixtures will likely be replaced.

As we encounter the pending days of frigid winter weather the Westminster Fire Department offers the following tips for freeze prevention:

1. Turn up the thermostat slightly. 2. Open vanity or cabinet doors that are in colder areas of the house. 3. Be sure garden hoses are disconnected from the house. 4. Allow faucets in cold areas of the house to run at a trickle.

More from our News archive: "Snowplows seen in Denver metro during fifty-minute commute this morning: Zero."

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