From the week of January 29

"Cum Again?," Off Limits, January 22

Bullish on Barack

Just like his namesake, Barack is a lot of bull. But unlike his namesake, his, um, deposits aren't quite as, well, monumental.

And while naming things after a sitting president isn't a new idea, you gotta wonder what's next. Will someone try to improve the image of one of America's least-liked vegetables by renaming it Barack-oli?

Don Lopez


"The Battle of the Beltway," Jared Jacang Maher, January 15

Term Limits

I understand people wanting to reap rewards from land investments, but Jared Jacang Maher's article raised some questions for me.

1.  Do we want the sprawl? Isn't the metro area big enough?

2.  Do we want the additional traffic and pollution?  With Golden and the foothills regularly being socked in by layers of C-470 air pollution, is there room for more?

3.  Where will the water come from?

4.  When did the taxpayers give the county the mandate for this — or is it to be like the Jeffco Taj Mahal, done without taxpayer okay? 

Robert Gunnett


The opening paragraph of "The Battle of the Beltway" uses the term "multi-model." This term might properly describe a subdivision with multiple models available, but to describe a transportation system that incorporates multiple modes of transportation, the term would be "multi-modal."

Please remember that when people see something in print, they assume it's correct. As journalists, you have a greater burden to get it right. Be more careful next time. Chris Rothe


Cory Casciato, Playlist, January 8

Who's Ridiculous?

My name is Time, and I'm the lead singer of DANG! First off, how is the name DANG! ridiculous? How about the Fray, Dink, Verve, U2, Cake, Blink-182, etc.?

Second, we put a lot of time and money into Tornado, our CD. I know it probably doesn't jive with whatever Britney Spears fudge-packin' lack of musical taste you all have, but we and all of our fans enjoy it.

Next time Cory tries to write his holier-than-thou column, he should maybe try to think outside his obviously gay box. Or, better yet, seek employment elsewhere.

Tim Hickman


What's So Funny, Adam Cayton-Holland, January 22

No Joke

I'd never cared for Adam Cayton-Holland's column, but after reading the howls of outrage in the last two issues, last week I turned to page 46 and gave What's So Funny? another chance.

And it's still not funny. As far as I'm concerned, this column is a joke.

Janet Paschall


Who is the ass for brains who made the call to can Denver's lovable douchebag, Adam Cayton-Holland? The print news media is in trouble, and in most cases it is largely warranted, but Westword has, up to this point, held it together far better than the other papers. Firing your most talented writer, despite the fact that he was probably totally incapable of saving himself from himself when Lumbergh paid his visit, was a bad move. Get your shit together, Westword. If you are going to go down, go down swinging, not flailing and cowering like this city's Bronco-only papers.

Chris Wals


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