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"Perfect 6," Jason Sheehan, December 25

Clearing the Table

Just read Jason Sheehan's review of Table 6. Great review; they deserve it. But, unfortunately, we have to read through Jason. God, it's so tiring to have to get through all the cigarette butts, whores, drugs, alcohol, alley rats and all the other crap he likes to talk about (mostly himself) to make us believe how down and dirty he was in the trenches with us cooks and chefs at one time long ago.

The way he describes us and the restaurant business in general, if you're not a cigarette-smoking, drug-imbibing alcoholic who curses and bangs the boss's wife or vomits every other minute, well, you're just not a dedicated cook. I had to get through three-quarters of that review to finally read something about the atmosphere and the food.

I know this little note isn't going to change the way Jason writes his reviews, but he should know — and he probably does — that most everyone I know in the business puts up with this kind of crap because, well, he's a food reviewer who has a lot of power in such a small market, and we all like to be on his good side. But truly, once in a while I would like to see a review that, after reading it, I don't feel like going out in the alleyway of my establishment and vomiting myself.


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I rarely — actually, never — write a letter to a columnist. However, Jason's article on Table 6 was beautiful. One may go to a restaurant and expect warm feelings and memories, but rarely from a restaurant review. I got those feelings from this article and will be sure to visit Table 6.

Thank you, and well done.

Elli Behr


"Bytes, Bolts and Brew," Joel Warner, December 18

I, Robot

Just writing to thank you for a well-written tech article that was not condescending, ill-informed or over-hyped. Instead, it was well researched as well as technically and psychologically interesting. So thank you, from a former robotics researcher, for that rare tech article that doesn't trip over the technology!

Nick Foster

San Francisco, California

"Sale of the Century and a Half," Michael Roberts, December 11

Left Behind

We switched to the Rocky because we could no longer take the Post's irredeemable liberal slant. If the Post takes on Mike Littwin, the only people who would be attracted would be far-left liberals, many of whom are already Post subscribers. I would suggest that Rocky subscribers are less liberal, on average, than Post subscribers and would be less likely to switch to the Post because of him.

Rhonda Roseto


Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, January 1

Sticks and stones

I could write in Spanish; however, it would take more time for me, and I have a crush of work. I am a white Estadounidense. I embrace multi-culturalism, various ethnicities and languages. I am reasonably fluent in two languages other than English. I embrace Latin culture; I find the Mexican indigenous cultures particularly interesting. I went to school in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Hace diez años, mi novia es una Colombiana bien educada.

Gustavo is obviously a well-educated man. With the foregoing subtext, I ask: Why doesn't he drop the gabacho nonsense? I find it irritating and mildly offensive. 

I have recently become friends with a Spaniard who is in his forties, is a lawyer in Spain and getting an advanced legal degree here, and is a teacher of Spanish. We discussed the use of gabacho. In Spain, it is used derisively to refer to the French. He, too, thinks the use of gabacho would be offensive to those being referred to as such.

Glen Kahn


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