From the week of July 23, 2009

Playlist, michael roberts, July 16

Cruel's Out for Summer

Michael Roberts, your review of Blues With a Backbone borders — if not crosses — the line of cruelty and inconsideration. Michaela Rae is a true artist, and she sings from the heart. It doesn't have to turn you on; it's her taking a step that she had the courage to take. Her playing is stellar, and people with more credibility than you know so. You took the easy way out without digging in at all. She is a jewel, and she plays and writes and does not sound like SRV. She takes some of what a Stratocaster does and runs it through her heart.

As a person, she would make anyone proud to support her. You should have looked deeper, if that is even possible with your shallow ways. You will eventually look like a fool to everyone, but you are already there with me.

John Catt


Playlist, Cory Casciato, July 16

Sound Advice

I just wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my music with you. You guys are very busy at Westword, and I really appreciate you taking the time to listen to my album. Though the review was not what I was hoping for, I embrace it because that is what art is all about: putting yourself out there and letting people think what they want to about it.

So I thank you very much again for listening to Stu Basham EP, the CD I spent a lot of time working on, and I hope that I can have you listen to another one of my works some day with a better outcome. I appreciate all the work you do for this awesome publication. Keep it up.

Stu Basham


"Caution: Elephants Coming," Melanie Asmar, July 9

A Musth Read

I loved every disgusting word of Melanie Asmar's story on the elephants coming to the Denver Zoo. Sounds like it will be worse than LoDo on a Saturday night! Thanks for the entertaining info.

Julie Parker


The New Westword Format

Tusk, Tusk

Where is Westword? What is this new, glossy cover and smaller newspaper with more ads? What happened to all of the articles about the "rest of the story?" Used to be, you could rely on Westword to give a solid, alternative viewpoint to Denver news and happenings. I used to look forward to reading the insightful articles. Now you feature cover articles about elephants at the zoo!

Please, you are even becoming politically correct! Bring back the old Westword; no need for the fancy cover, etc.

Jo Ann Hovanec


Anna, who wrote a letter in the July 9 issue, is right: The saddle stitch is a pain. Why? If one folds the issue at the stitch to make for a smaller magazine, the letters closest to the stitch are folded in. I read on the bus, and a narrow paper is a must. How about shifting the column farther from the stitch, please?

Rainer Hantschel


"Invasion of the Bike Monsters," Kenny Be, June 18

Bike to the Future

Kenny Be's cartoon was perfect in every way. Too bad several others who commented don't get the idea of "satire" when they moan about Kenny not understanding bicyclists. I've been bike-commuting to downtown for sixteen years and have experienced all the things they complain about.

But, sheesh, the fact that we bicyclists finally warranted some cartoon mockery is great. I, by the way, am mostly a "Roidan."

Carolyne Janssen


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