From the week of July 30, 2009

Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano, July 9 

Gasket Case

Gustavo: I have never written to a columnist before, but I find your responses to the vitriolic and bigoted Fountain Valley Fucktard and Linguistically Loco to be quite restrained and professional.  However, I believe your great sarcasm will be lost on such ignorant persons. Had I received such questions I, most likely, would have "blown a gasket" and been less than polite in my replies.

Thank you for your column and the entertainment it provides.

Richard Davis


Hey, compadre, keep up the good work. I like how you shut all those güeros' mouths when they don't have the right facts. There is not a Wednesday when I don't read your column, even though it's hard for me to read sometimes (excuse my ignorance). Stay true and keep doing what you do, because it's very entertaining and informative. Ha, ha.

My favorite restaurant in Denver is Los Carboncitos. It tastes like authentic Mexican food; it's so good that even if you're full and there is food left, you'll eat it no matter what. I hadn't tried a huarache so good since I was in Mexico nine years ago!

Aldo Escobedo


Editor's note: Gustavo is still soliciting Mexican restaurant suggestions; send them to [email protected].

"Voices Carry," Dave Herrera, July 16

The Doctors Are In

I enjoyed "Voices Carry" very much. It was an excellent introduction for a very talented team that fills a significant void in the Denver area. As an otologist (ear doc), I am seeing a large number of young adults and kids with noise-induced hearing loss, and am interested in trying to "get the word out" about the damaging effects of loud music and iPods in particular.

David C. Kelsall, MD


When I had a benign tumor removed from my neck last January, I sounded like the Godfather immediately following surgery. Via a collagen injection in my vocal folds, Buzz and David were able to give me my voice back while my neck healed. I recommend them to every singer I know.

George Peele

Posted at

"Milemarker," Dave Herrera, July 16

Mile High and Lows

To try to compare the Mile High Music Festival with the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Fest is absolutely laughable. Until Denver can offer a program as diverse as Neil Young, Dr. John, Bonnie Raitt, Marcia Ball, Los Lobos and Bon Jovi in the same weekend, it will never be in the same league as New Orleans. Furthermore, until Denver can provide an experience for all ages from families with young kids to grizzled 25-year festival veterans as well as young rockers, it will never establish a musical tradition that can compare with New Orleans and never attract the international audience that the New Orleans Jazz Fest does.

But I suppose these comments are a little like whistling in the wind when Dave Herrera can fail to mention a performer as unique and talented as John Butler.

Tom Olkowski


Playlist, Michael Roberts, July 16

Don't Be Cruel

Michael, pick on someone your own size. It's not very difficult for a writer to smash a little girl's efforts. Michaela Rae is doing something she loves; there is no need for this kind of opposition. You really should offer an apology. Not for sharing your opinion on Blues With a Backbone — I realize that's your job — but for being cruel to a kid.

Matt Henderson


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