From the week of July 9, 2009

"The Body Shop," Alan Prendergast, July 2

Dead Reckoning

I blame CSI and all those other medical shows for giving people an irresponsible, inaccurate image of coroner's offices, one that Adams County Coroner James Hibbard is doing nothing to correct.

This is serious work that requires rigid adherence to science — not inexperienced workers displaying cleavage rather than knowledge and supervisors who should know better watching them on camera. This entire office is a disgrace.

Jay Harper


Perhaps you all should have interviewed current employees versus taking the word of severely immature ex-employees who believed the world revolved around them. All the past investigators and pathology assistants interviewed were still in their early twenties, with much to learn about life in general. Not to mention, they also started with little to no experience. It's not a job everyone can handle. Clearly.

Name withheld

Regarding the cover photo for "The Body Shop":

Pretty pink for a dead guy.

Sean McManus


"That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles," Joel Warner, June 25

The Basement Tapes

Great job on the Chinese basement farms. It really went on to prove what I, and many others, have known all along: Clearly there is a "Chink" in the moral fibers that compose the armor that the North Metro Task Force shrouds itself in daily. Can't wait to read the followup on that "investigation"!

Michael Patrick O'Hara III


Reading "That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles," I felt like I was reading a good ol' mystery novel. Joel Warner kept all of us guessing. He portrayed detective Dan Joyce as a real live hero who just wanted to do the right thing. But unfortunately, whether the story is fact or fiction, sometimes the good guys don't win.

I have no doubt in my mind that Dan Joyce is an excellent detective and that he worked his butt off on this case. But he forgot one small detail that even the greatest detectives can forget: Detective Joyce, no matter how big this case was or how small it could have been, you always follow the money.

Norma Wilson


Dave Herrera, "Last Chance," July 2

Action Jackson

Thanks for you for your article on Michael Jackson. I feel that he most certainly is a huge part of how I listen to and make music; I've been strangely affected by this. But it's nice to know that he's receiving all the praise for a career that is unmatchable.

Joshua Novak


The New Westword Cover

A Pressing Issue

I just had to write and voice my opinion on something: I really enjoyed the old, non-glossy, classic newspaper style of your paper. The art on the cover was engaging and wicked cool — and there was something familiar and inviting about the feel of the paper. But now, with the reduced size, the glossy cover, the staples holding it all just all feels and looks like something completely different...cold...impersonal. Booo. Bring back the old style. PLEASE! I know I can't be the only one who feels this way...right? Seriously, go back to how it was before.

T. Zimmerman


It's kind of a pain to read the text close to your new saddle stitch. Otherwise, I like the new format!



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