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Reader: The Pilots and Crew at Frontier Have Always Been Professional

Reader: The Pilots and Crew at Frontier Have Always Been Professional
Tomas Del Coro at Flickr
Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It wasn't too long ago that Frontier Airlines, a homegrown company, was Denver's go-to carrier. But after years of troubles, including scores of complaints from passengers, the company is struggling to shake its bad reputation.

Even its employees are fed up. On July 25, the Frontier pilots' union, the Air Line Pilots Association, International, sued the company, "asking that a U.S. District Court judge force the carrier to actually try to resolve a situation that's gone from bad to worse," Michael Roberts reported.

But readers are conflicted over Frontier. Theron says:
Not surprising. Worked there for two years, not a single raise, can never fly, and if you did you needed to be fearful of keeping your job. No incentives for staff at all, unsafe conditions.
Replies Richard: 
Then go get another job. If everyone quit, they wouldn’t be able to operate. Quit your crying and go get a real job.
Nicholson adds:
The stewardesses are nice - they make jokes about charging for everything.... I like Frontier Airlines,  but they are a little cheap. And I hope they pay their people what they are worth.
And Alec argues:
I fly on Frontier twice a month...they do a good job. I hope this gets resolved soon. The pilots and crew on the planes have always been very professional.
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