Frontier could create a whole different animal for Midwest: Moo

I've been a fan of Frontier since its first incarnation, when the in-flight mag featured the "From the Cockpit" column by Captain Chick Stevens -- a more reassuring mascot than the animals that took off with Frontier's reincarnation. But still, Republic was wise to stick with the high-flying Frontier brand, and permanently ground the stodgy Midwest.

As a consolation prize, though, the airline has created a badger mascot. But to properly commemorate Midwest, it should use a whole different animal.

The mosquito, perhaps. When I think of my childhood in the Midwest, that's an omnipresent image.

Or the alewives, the fish that regularly washed up on the beaches of Lake Michigan.

But the most appropriate choice might be a Wisconsin dairy cow. Name her Millie, after Milwaukee, the home base of Midwest.

Frontier could honor her namesake by offering up a nice glass of milk with all those fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies it will also be serving up to remember Midwest

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