Frontier gets hammered in latest airline quality study, finishes last in customer complaints

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Frontier's drop in the survey, conducted using 2013 data by academics at Wichita State University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona, wasn't the most precipitous. That dishonor goes to AirTran, which fell from third to tenth place.

However, Frontier tied for second-worst with American Eagle. Both airlines sunk by four in the rankings, with Frontier going from seventh place in the previous analysis to eleventh this time around.

Here's the list. Note that the parenthetical numbers show where each carrier finished in 2012.

1. Virgin America (1) 2. JetBlue (2) 3. Hawaiian (5) 4. Delta (4) 5. Alaska (6) 6. Endeavor (new to the rankings this year; formerly Pinnacle) 7. US Airways (9) 8. Southwest (8) 9. American (10) 10. AirTran (3) 11. Frontier (7) 12. United (14) 13. ExpressJet (13) 14. SkyWest (12) 15. American Eagle (11)

Graphically, Frontier's efforts look even less sky-high. The first image below compares 2013 scores to those from 2012....

...while the second offers a month-by-month contrast that's far from flattering: However, the customer complaint rankings are the most distressing. Continue for more about the Airline Quality Rating and Frontier, including more images and the study itself.
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