Funniest Twitter Freak-Outs Over Denver's Predicted Bomb Cyclone

One Twitter user's idea of what today's bomb cyclone will look like.
One Twitter user's idea of what today's bomb cyclone will look like. @bbbtmenw
How to make an entire city go nuts over an advancing snowstorm? Two words: bomb cyclone.

The term is shorthand for explosive cyclogenesis, aka bombogenesis, a phenomenon characterized by a swiftly deepening low-pressure area capable of producing heavy winds — which, when twinned with a forecast for heavy snow, like the one for the metro area today, March 13, can produce blizzard conditions.

Hence school closures before a single flake hit the pavement and widespread cancellations, with Denver government offices and libraries among the places where doors will remain locked today. The latter announcement came complete with a link to the city's snow plan.

Of course, Colorado residents are accustomed to dealing with wintry weather. But after local, regional and national meteorologists began dropping "bomb cyclone" warnings over the past day or so, plenty of folks went from normal preparations (checking tire pressure, making sure the windshield wipers are in good condition) to full-fledged freak-out.

And predictably, the bomb cyclone struck social media before any snow hit Denver (at this writing, it's only raining).

Some Twitter users are reacting with legitimate fear and concern. But as you'll see by our collection of responses below, others are laughing in the face of danger. Among those weighing in are TV weather personnel armed with wry GIFs and memes and even longtime Westword contributor Bree Davies, whose insurance broker is already hammering the panic button.

Consider what follows to be an essential part of storm preparation. Bombs away!

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