Olivia Liang.

Gallaudet University visitor puts DNC hoopla in perspective

It's easy for locals to get cynical about the forthcoming Democratic National Convention, what with the Obama speech ticketing controversy, revelations about protester holding cells and so on. But there are plenty of people heading to Denver with high hopes for making the world a better place -- like, for example, a contingent of ten students from Gallaudet University, a Washington, D.C. institution that focuses on educating deaf and hearing-impaired students. Olivia Liang is among them, and she appears in a video that's eloquent in its simplicity: She sits in an airline seat on the way to DIA, expressing her enthusiasm about attending the DNC using sign language. She manages to speak volumes without saying a word.

See the video (and a translation) by clicking "More." -- Michael Roberts

Olivia Liang says: "Hello my name is Olivia, last name is Liang. Today we are flying out to DNC for a political convention with different senators, governors, and various officers. It'll be a good experience for me to meet people and I'm very excited about it! That is all. Thanks, bye."

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