Gary Faulkner displays Colorado's can-do spirit

And here we thought Ryan Snodgrass and Justin Lariscy, the rafting guides who rescued a thirteen-year-old girl from Clear Creek and got arrested as thanks, were take-charge guys.

Now comes news of Gary Faulkner, the Greeley man who made it his mission to kill Osama Bin Laden -- and was packing a 40-inch sword and a pistol when he was stopped on the Pakistani-Afghan border Sunday night.

"God is with me, and I am confident I will be successful in killing him," Faulkner allegedly told intelligence officials in Pakistan. He was heading to the Afghan province of Nuristan because he'd "heard bin Laden was living there," according to one Pakistani official.

Although this trip, like Faulkner's five previous treks to the Middle East, was unsuccessful, we salute this display of Colorado's can-do spirit.

In fact, how about sending Faulkner down to the Gulf, to see what he can do to stave BP's gushing oil spill? Send Snodgrass and Lariscy, too; they know how to handle themselves around water.

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