Gary back when he really did glitter.

Gary Glitter's profane return to Broncos games

For years, Gary Glitter's irresistibly neadrathalic ditty "Rock and Roll Part 2" has been a part of live sports events all over the world, including Denver Broncos home games. (See the music video after the jump). But a Broncos season ticket holder tells me the tune disappeared from the music mix for a couple of years after Glitter began serving a prison sentence in Vietnam for having sex with underaged girls.

Things began changing in August, when Glitter was released and cleared to travel overseas. Suddenly, "Rock and Roll Part 2" began booming from Invesco Field at Mile High's speaker systems whenever the Broncos reached the end zone, just like in the good old days. And my aforementioned source reveals that the South Stands veterans are once again delivering their trademark chant over one of the ditty's hookiest passages: "Fuck 'em up! Fuck 'em up! Go! Go! Go!"

Knowing that would undoubtedly give Glitter a warm feeling in his heart. Or somewhere. -- Michael Roberts


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