Gary Lee Holman: Woman and toddlers must be decontaminated after meth and pot bust

When Larimer County Sheriff's deputies responded to a Fort Collins home this past weekend, they thought they would be investigating a domestic violence case. But they got much more than they bargained for in relation to Gary Lee Holman -- including a pot grow and enough meth to require a woman and her eighteen-month-old twins to be decontaminated.

The details come from Larimer County Sheriff's Office spokesman John Schulz, who chatted with us for a post earlier today about alleged bus bomb threatener Roland Arel.

Deputies were called to the 5000 block of Deer Run Lane in Fort Collins early Sunday morning on a domestic violence report, Schulz says. There, they found Holman, 33, plus twin toddler girls and a 22-year-old woman with what Schulz describes as minor injuries. But they also located a number of problematic items, including a sawed-off 30/30 rifle, some meth and mushrooms and what's described as a marijuana grow.

Schulz confirms that Holman claimed "to have a medical marijuana certificate. We're checking on the authenticity of the document."

Although law enforcers found what Schulz calls "non-toxic chemicals" at the residence, he says Holman didn't appear to be manufacturing meth there. Nonetheless, the presence of the drug prompted authorities to run the woman and the girls through a decontamination regimen at a local hospital.

Holman, for his part, was subsequently fitted with a wide variety of charges. The ones involving drugs include separate unlawful possession of a controlled substance counts related to the meth, the mushrooms and the weed, plus unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute (for the meth), and cultivation and distribution of marijuana. Additionally, he faces allegations of possessing an illegal weapon and possession of said weapon by a previous offender, child abuse, false imprisonment, third-degree assault...and the domestic violence beef that started the whole process.

Here's a larger version of Holman's mug shot.

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