Getting his car back gives airman Brian Furman something to sing about

A Furman Original

On Wednesday, KHOW talk-show host Peter Boyles and Mayor John Hickenlooper made temporary peace when they agreed to split a $400 fee assessed against Brian Furman, an Iraqi vet whose car was seized under a new Denver law after he was stopped for having a broken headlight. This good-news story devolved into unintentional comedy later that day, when Boyles went to the impound lot to pay his share only to discover that the guy capable of freeing the vehicle was already off-duty. Yesterday, however, Furman and his vehicle were at last reunited -- and even though today's Denver Post features another prominently placed story about the brouhaha, the airman's MySpace page suggests that he's got other projects he'd like to pursue. Turns out he's a budding singer-songwriter: Media at the address includes the solo-acoustic performance above and a series of more professionally recorded songs -- one of which is called "Lie to Me." After his experiences trying to deal with Denver bureaucracy, I'll bet that last title has new resonance for him.

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