Getting out of the Sarah Palin speech

I got to know the back of this car very, very well.

Getting into the Jefferson County Fairgrounds for Sarah Palin's speech there today was a snap. Volunteers were extremely well organized, particularly given that the bash was originally supposed to be a pancake breakfast for 1,000 people, not an address to 6,000 or so. One guy was even stationed along a muddy path, charged with doing nothing other than telling attendees to watch their step. No wonder the mood was so buoyant. Near the entrance to the main building, one man looked at the sky and said, "This day is proof that God is a Republican."

If that's true, Our Heavenly Father turned His back on us once the party was over. The volunteers who'd been so prevalent earlier suddenly vanished, with the result being epic gridlock. At one point, I did a U-turn and headed away from the highway entrance to which everyone was being funneled in the hope that I could locate an alternate route -- a decision that cost me an extra half an hour when I discovered to my chagrin that there wasn't one. Sixy minutes passed before I finally could move at more than a caterpillar's clip.

Similar nightmares struck during the Democratic National Convention, suggesting a kinship between the two parties. Clearly, neither of them are very good at executing an exit strategy. -- Michael Roberts

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