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Glenn Beck lovers better not shoot each other at Colorado Springs gun event...

You've stumbled upon a new feature: Comment of the Day, in which we highlight one of the most amusing, most interesting or most something comments to pop up of late.

We kick things off with a take from Eric about Glenn Beck's upcoming appearance as a keynote speaker at the October 26 "Constitution Challenge" in Colorado Springs, sponsored by the National Association for Gun Rights.

Eric writes:

All right! booze, beck, goobers and guns, party'n hard down in the springs!

Alcohol and firearms.

Lets just hope every gun's on safety while they're in the hall.

Remember fellas, yer in El Paso County. Don't be 'spectin' no gummint health care at the 'mergency room after Cletus misfires 'n blows yer foot off.

That's some plum-fancy commentin'! Step up your game, and you, too, may wind up in the Comment of the Day spotlight.

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