Gloria Neal, Amani Ali and Big Brother

Channel 4's Gloria Neal started out her 5:30 a.m. segment this morning talking about the terrorism raid on the Aurora apartment of DIA shuttle driver Najibbullah Zazi -- but along the way, things got personal. In discussing the question of whether Zazi could ever be accepted by his neighbors again even if no charges against him are filed, she noted that she and her husband, Amani Ali, a KOA staffer and president of the Colorado Association of Black Journalists, had been contacted by a producer who'd stumbled upon Ali's moniker during a search using the sprawling Nexis system. The caller asked about their neighbors, under the assumption, presumably, that Ali's name alone might strike terror in their hearts.

Neal was clearly unsettled by this line of inquiry, not to mention the ease with which the producer had tracked down her husband. According to her, Big Brother's not only watching, but having dinner with you. Hope there's not a microphone in the creamed corn.

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