Gloria Suazo, ex-cop, allegedly breaks bad in a big way -- as a heroin dealer

Of late, we've shared way too many reports about police officers accused of crimes, including Denver's Tim Kelley, who's facing child-porn charges -- and another post on this theme is slated to publish later today. But if authorities in Pueblo are right, Gloria Suazo, 31, has made an even bolder transition from cop to criminal. She's accused of distributing heroin alongside her husband, 32-year-old Jeremy Suazo. And this isn't the first time they've been hit with allegations as a couple. The Pueblo Chieftain reports that Suazo became a police officer in Walsenburg this past November. But that gig ended in April, when she and Jeremy were charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance and distribution of a controlled substance -- specifically heroin.

The pair have shared Chieftain headlines in the past. Back in September 2009, Gloria was reportedly crossing a Pueblo street on the way to a vehicle when Jeremy "drove up, yelled some obscenities and fired several rounds from a handgun in the direction of his wife and the others," the paper noted.

One man was shot in the hand during the incident. Meanwhile, cops questioned Gloria about Jeremy's location, but she was allegedly uncooperative. Later, the pair were found together at a local motel.

The result of this incident were four attempted murder charges against Jeremy, as well as accessory and attempted witness intimidation beefs aimed at Gloria. However, she was acquitted in 2010, with Jeremy pleading guilty to a lesser charge: possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

Jeremy appears to have had difficulty staying in the law's good graces after that. A 2011 Fugitive.com supplements a mug shot of Jeremy....

...with a Pueblo Police Department bulletin revealing that the man nicknamed "Little Demon" was "wanted on two felony warrants charging him with alleged possession of dangerous drugs, which carries a $100,000 bond," plus "possession of a weapon and failure to appear in court."

He's got plenty of reasons to appear there now -- and so does his beloved. Here's a more recent Jeremy mug shot.

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