Good Riddance, K-Mart

Do Denver Nuggets fans want to say goodbye to Kenyon Martin -- or settle for the simple getdafucouttahere now that he's injured again.

It's tough to tell after reading The Denver Post's Marc Spears front page sports story on K-Mart yesterday. The story, headlined "Kenyon Plans for Someplace Like Home," totally skirted how much of a rip-off and disappointing failure the player has been for the Nuggets. Instead, The Post offered an homage to what the 2004 NBA all-star had to overcome as a child, bouncing around Dallas' rougher neighborhoods.

But what about everything that Nuggets fans had to overcome during K-Mart's distracting blue-light specials here in Denver. Remember Martin's shit-talking friends intimidating fans after they heckled the Big Baby for not suiting up? Martin represents everything that's wrong with sports today. He was overpaid and underperformed.

What Nuggets fan could possibly still love K-Mart after he had to be benched during last season's playoffs for "conduct detrimental to the team." Instead of just sitting the bum, I wish coach George Karl had traded Martin and gotten the power forward off our roster. Who knows, maybe the Nuggets could've gotten a real all-star or at least a good draft pick. Now, all we have is K-Mart sitting out another season after only two games.

Sure, his injuries go back to his days of college hoops, but even when Martin was a healthy Nugget — which was rare — he was more of a distraction than an asset to the team. Martin went from seventy games his first season in the baby-blue, to 56 last year thanks to the injuries and the attitude.

And even though the Nuggets' website quotes a doctor as saying Martin will be ready to suit up next year, whether K-Mart will ever again set foot on an NBA court is questionable. Who wants an aging injury-plagued forward that puts himself before his team? The Nuggets have spent a fortune on the man and gotten little in return.

So when the Nugs inevitably get knocked out of the playoffs this year, and all the fans are wondering what would've happened if K-Mart were running the court with the rest of the fellas, at least The Post let us all know that Martin will be living happily ever after in Texas, the home where he never really had a home.

Just like Denver. -- Luke Turf

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Amy Haimerl