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If you have a deep-seated need to shop in the lap of luxury, forget Tuesday Morning. If not, come on in. The bare-bones shelves are piled with fancy crystal and silver, kitchen appliances, towels and tableware, all at cut-rate prices that will make cash-strapped wedding guests salivate.

Best Place to Hold a Wedding Reception
Parkside Suites
1859 York St.

An elegant Victorian mansion facing City Park on York Street, Parkside Suites was built in 1905 by a family in the lumber business--a fact made apparent with one look at the interior, which is embellished with finely carved wood, including an inlaid cherry ceiling in the living room. Rental fees ensure use of the entire building--there's an ample ballroom with a fireplace, a garden room and even an upstairs roof garden--and the proprietors will throw in a dash of wedding-planning advice along with the tables and chairs.

Best Outdoor Hitching Post
Panorama Point
Golden Gate Canyon State Park
3873 Hwy. 46

You promised yourselves it would be small and intimate, remember? At Panorama Point, there's just enough room for you and the view, which is spectacular. So's the cost: a $3 park permit per vehicle is your only expense. Don't forget to reserve early, or you may have an unexpected double wedding on your hands.

Best Bed-and-Breakfast
Capitol Hill Mansion
1207 Pennsylvania St.

According to part-owner Charles Hillestad, "If you can't win the heart of your `significant other' at the Capitol Hill Mansion, it can't be done," and he ought to know--his Queen Anne and Cheyenne Canyon Inns in Denver and Colorado Springs have already racked up the stars in national guidebooks for their winning charm and elegance. The new bed-and-breakfast, opened just this year, is situated in a turreted red sandstone mansion appointed with oak paneling and fireplaces, stained-glass windows, a grand staircase, balconies and mountain views from the upper floors--along with not-so-old-fashioned comforts like whirlpool baths and air conditioning.

Best Place to Swing From the Chandeliers
621 Kalamath St.

At Livran's, the light show is always going--and what a great, gaudy, decorator-friendly show it is. There are antler chandeliers for those smitten by the Southwest, cast-metal fixtures with animal cutouts, antique cow lamps, creeping neoclassical verdigris, a double-decker-bus lamp for the kids, swimming-pool lights and just about anything you could possibly want to switch on in your dining room. Tune in and turn on.

Best Party Invitations
Bradford Publishing
1743 Wazee St.

Some people just do not take RSVPs seriously, raising the possibility that hosts and hostesses may find themselves saddled with 300 leftover wienie rolls. So skip the niceties next time and make attendance compulsory with the help of blank subpoenas from Bradford Publishing. The forms include spaces to fill in the date, time and address of your soiree. Best of all, they close with a no-excuses warning: "Disobedience of this subpoena may be punished by a fine, imprisonment, or both."

Best Place to Get Out on the Dance Floor
The Academy of Creative Dance
3950 Tennyson St.

Bigger is most definitely not better at the intimate Academy of Creative Dance, where the average class size is three students and the amount of personal attention lavished on them by teacher Lisa Wood is nothing short of extraordinary. You don't have to look, act or dress like a dancer here, either--as long as you have the urge to move.

Best Floor-Sanding Guys
Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment
1180 Kalamath St.

Anybody can rent you a floor sander. Well, anybody who rents floor sanders can. But Michael Kaplan, owner of Certified Cleaning Supplies & Equipment, is more enthusiastic about it. He runs one of the smaller shops in town, with only about twelve machines. If you don't know how to operate one, he'll demonstrate on a well-burnished section of wood floor in a corner of his shop. The best feature of his business, though, is damage control. If, say, you should rent a sander and take it home to your rented home and then operate it in a manner so as to dig large, swirly and seemingly irrepairable ruts into the wood, not to worry. You can call Mike anytime (even after hours: He carries a pager). If things are really sticky, he'll come by and oversee the repairs.

Best Ski-Tuning Guys
Denver Sports
7848 County Line Rd., Littleton
9219 Sheridan Blvd., Westminster

Denver Sports' two locations combine the volume and dealmaking capacity of the big guys with the service of a specialty shop. The employees are all hardcore skiers who know their sport and the equipment. Yet they'll lead even novice skiers through equipment decisions without talking down to them. And where most big ski stores machine-tune skis, Denver Sports hires experts in precision hand-tuning to work on your boards--the same sort of attention the pros demand.

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