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Best Pregnant Workout
Saint Joseph's Hospital
2005 Franklin St.

Get your feet going and feel good about that expanding waistline. Sheila Rogers's aerobics class is a prenatal exercise class geared to preparing expectant moms for labor and delivery while keeping them fit. Stretching, toning and the company of other mothers-to-be make it the most popular class around. And at $35 for twelve classes (two nights a week for six weeks), it's also one of the cheapest.

Best Breast-Feeding Tips
Bosom Buddies
1554 Emerson St.

You'll get the latest and best advice on everything from breast pumps to baby slings at Bosom Buddies, and you'll get it from people who've actually given birth themselves. Moms going back to work (or who just want to skip a 3 a.m. feeding) can rent the best electronic breast pumps south of the Tetons, and the place also offers the latest infant accessories to help make those early months as simple as possible. Don't forget to ask about the Baby Sling, a clever little device that makes nursing in public a dignified breeze.

Best Place to Take Flight
Into the Wind
1408 Pearl St., Boulder

Forget DIA--this is the kind of flying that requires no baggage. Just invest in one of Into the Wind's stunt kites, kid kites, multi-kites, wind-socks or boomerangs and head for open space. Nothing's better for raising the spirits.

Best Place to Get Your Bike in Gear
Sports Plus
1055 S. Gaylord St.

Bikes need tuneups as often as cars do, so if your gears have been grinding a little too often of late, Sports Plus should be your next stop. For $45, they'll clean clusters and chain rings, adjust gears and brakes, replace pads, you name it. It's a wheelie good deal.

Best Place to Test-Drive a Tot
Cycle Analyst
722 S. Pearl St.

So your munchkin is too big for his bike seat and too small for a bike of his own? Try giving him a ride in one of those nifty bike trailers--without having to pay $300. Cycle Analyst rents the tot-towing devices--$15 for four hours, which should be plenty of time to determine if the ride makes Junior turn green. Should the experiment prove successful, they also sell the contraptions.

Best Bike Peddlers
Denver Police Department
35th Ave. and Arkins Ct.

The cops find the bikes stockpiled in garages, rusting under bridges, abandoned in alleys and back yards. Some are stolen, some just left behind, but the best ones end up on the block if they aren't reclaimed. Held by the DPD's bicycle bureau every few months, the regular auctions include every kind of ride imaginable (kids' bikes, high-priced mountain bikes, once even a British bobby's bike), making them a big hit with families. And the going prices are just as varied--from $5 to $1,000. Gather round, gearheads.

Best Sportswear Deals
The Hind Outlet
1412 Pearl St., Boulder

Next time someone tells you to "just do it," stop here first. The Hind Outlet has factory seconds, last season's best, or the whole line of this year's gear in all the possible colors. The discounts are deep, the sales spectacular, and the staffers know their product well enough to tell you when a men's size large is really a women's size 8.

Best Used Sneakers
Second Half Athletic Exchange
10015 E. Hampden Ave.

A venture manned by business-minded Cherry Creek High School students who receive on-the-job retail training, Second Half consigns used and new merchandise from other sporting-goods retailers or gathers it through collection drives and individual donations. So maybe the sneakers aren't always used, but they're still a good value, as is the excellent variety of gear that's available for winter, summer, indoor and outdoor sports. We're certain, too, that it's an added convenience for errant putters across the street at the John F. Kennedy public golf course.

Best Way to Ease the Pain
One-Up Health & Sport
14 Inverness Drive East, Ste. F-160
Englewood 80112

This local mail-order company tailors its goods for physically fit but achey folks who really feel the burn. One-Up's FeelGood Catalog specializes in pads, wraps, supports, braces and body-care products designed to soften blows, hold things in place, increase strength, reduce pains and pamper sprains. And the items can all be ordered without leaving the couch. Just say ouch.

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