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Best Place for Single Fathers to Get Sound Advice
The Men's Health Resource Center
Rose Medical Center

There's nothing like being a single guy raising children on your own--especially if flying solo is a recent development. The Men's Health Resource Center at Rose provides information, reading lists and referrals to help single dads cope with the kind of newfound responsibilities that can often be overwhelming. And all advice is free.

Best 7-Eleven to Gas Up at When You've Got Kids in the Car
607 E. Alameda Ave.
There are exactly 62 7-Eleven Citgos in the Denver metro area that have the handy-dandy feature of paying at the pump (which means no hauling kids out of car seats to conduct the transactions). But this one has the added benefit of being out of range of those pesky fast-food joints that always give rise to junk-food requests. Not only will the kids stay in one place, they may even keep quiet.

Best Virtual-Reality Experience
Koelbel Library Arapahoe Library District
5955 S. Holly St., Littleton

Lights, camera, interaction! Koelbel's high-tech CD-ROM sound and action cyber-optics can take children right into the middle of prehistory, showing dinosaurs wandering around in their natural habitat, making dino noises and doing typical dino stuff. Kids can even print out color pictures of dinos. Other available databases include Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia, world atlases and animal guides--and it's far more educational than watching Jurassic Park.

Readers' choice: Boardwalk USA

Best Place to Be Read and Fed
Readings by Diana
City Spirit Cafe
1434 Blake St.

Okay, okay, so you don't believe in this stuff. Give it $10 and fifteen minutes one Wednesday or Friday night at City Spirit, and you may come away convinced. Madame Diana, is there dessert in our future?

Best Place to Discover the Joy of Hex
Voodoo Mary's
5 E. Bayaud Ave.

Good things come in small packages--and they don't get much smaller than Voodoo Mary's, a storefront just off Broadway that tucks an amazing amount of merchandise into almost no space. Voodoo dolls and other metaphysical paraphernalia are just the beginning--there are also plenty of wacky gewgaws, works by local artists and a variety of cultural chachkas that the owners have picked up on their travels. No matter what you're looking for, you're sure to get caught in Voodoo Mary's spell.

Best Fashion Finders
Saks Fifth Avenue
Cherry Creek Mall

Is there anything worse when clothes shopping than finding the perfect look only to learn they don't have it in the right size? Well, yes: when you ask a salesclerk to check stock at the chain's other stores and she acts like you've asked her to cut and sew the garment herself. That doesn't happen at Saks Fifth Avenue, where a computerized locator service lets salespeople instantly zip queries to every Saks in the country. More often than not, you'll get the item you've spent the afternoon looking for.

Best Place to Hitch Up Your Pants
The Custom House
5229 Leetsdale Dr.

With a tailor like Lyubov "Luba" Rotenberg, who needs new clothes? A Russian immigrant who can wow you with stories of "real winters," Luba's also a wizard with both the chalk and the needle, and she'll change the belt loops on your trousers to brace buttons (those six guys fore and aft that allow you to wear grown-up suspenders) for a mere $4 apiece.

Best Shoeshine
Genie O'Fallon
Tabor Center Lobby
1201 16th St.

When our Florsheims lose their luster, we dream of Genie, who can be found on the Tabor Center's lower level, just inside the door that leads out onto Lawrence Street. Perpetually cheery (though not necessarily in a Barbara Eden sort of way), she appears to enjoy buffing shoe leather all day. Genie will put a shine on your spirit as well as your shoes.

Best Post Office
Terminal Annex
1595 Wynkoop St.

Cliff Claven would be proud of the U.S. Postal Service's LoDo branch, where you won't be served by sullen, slow-motion bureaucrats who act as though they're doing you a favor by giving you the correct postage for your tax return. Instead, the mail bonders behind the counter will treat you like the fine upstanding citizen you really are. And Terminal Annex clerks do it longer: from 4:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Best Place to Buy Disposable Contacts
Price Club
Three metro locations

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