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Best Place to Plan Your Dream Home
Bed, Bath & Beyond
2500 E. 1st Ave.

One-stop shopping is the wave of the future. The reason, perhaps, is that you can meander through megastores like Bed, Bath & Beyond for hours and no one will ever bother you. Located in the old Denver Dry building in Cherry Creek, this is a practical museum for wandering homebodies, with two floors of discounted items, including--as the name implies--bath accessories and bedding, as well as pots and pans, thousands of kitchen gadgets, storage aids, wrapping paper and other useful stuff. Watch out for the fabulous wall o' towels--but don't let temptation dry up your resources.

Best Slightly Used Furniture
Model Home Furniture Store
3265 S. Wadsworth Blvd.

What the name at Model Home Furniture says is what you get: a showroom of discounted furniture culled from model homes. Though a weary husband or two may have perched on these furnishings during endless home-shopping expeditions, everything--dining-room tables and chairs, bedroom sets, sofas and coffee tables--looks brand-spanking-new, if not absolutely sleek. And pricey it's not.

Best Lamps of the Future
Light Spot
1516 Wazee St.

Either you've got style or you don't, and the lamps at Light Spot definitely have it. They're chic, postmodern and always architecturally correct, from the little candy-hued Phillipe Starck table lights to the high-tech stem lamps arching down seductively from the ceiling. Even a nostalgic coolie-hat shade of amber seed beads looks strikingly contemporary in this slick showroom, right at home with the art glass and sculptured furnishings also on display.

Best Old Lamp Repair
Bonnie Brae Repair Shop
2339 E. Ohio Ave.

God said, "Let there be light." But when that light goes out, thank the Lord that the Bonnie Brae Repair Shop is around. For the past fifteen years, its work has been illuminating: repairing old lamps, replacing cords on just about anything and even making lamps, shades and chandeliers to order.

Best Brothel to Take Your Spouse To
The Fortune Club
Main Street, Victor

Hattie May Jordon, the madam of this Victorian-era whorehouse, doesn't live here anymore, but the charming, clean, informally run Fortune Club--unadvertised and across the street from the gentrified Hotel Victor--features solid mattresses, thick walls, a fully equipped kitchen and a liquor store and grocery on the first floor. What more could you want, especially for $45 a night?

Best Place for a Romantic Night
The Lumber Baron Inn
2555 W. 37th Ave.

When Maureen and Walter Keller first laid eyes on this towering brick mansion, its interior, exterior and reputation were in a state of extreme disrepair. But where others saw a ramshackle crack house, they saw possibilities, and they were right. After a $750,000 renovation, the Lumber Baron Inn is now an antique-filled bed-and-breakfast and the winner of the 1994 Historic Denver Community Preservation Award. The Kellers, however, ignored authenticity when it came to comfort--they managed to make room for a Jacuzzi, and all the guest rooms have private baths.

Best Boulder Bed-and-Breakfast
The Alps Boulder Canyon Inn
38619 Boulder Canyon Dr., Boulder

Definitely not for the Motel 6 crowd, the Boulder Canyon Inn is an old Moose Lodge built right into the mountainside overlooking downtown Boulder. There are double Jacuzzis and fireplaces in some rooms and, when you get hungry, gourmet breakfasts and homemade desserts to recharge. Bring your bike and hit the bike trail just outside the front door. That is, if you can ever budge from that Jacuzzi.

Best All-Purpose Kids' Supply Center
U.S. Toy Constructive Playthings
8101 S. Quebec St., Englewood

First off, this place is huge. Second, its prices aren't. Third, U.S. Toy has an inventory second to none. The collection of educational supplies--workbooks, teaching guides, posters--is daunting, and the assemblage of puzzles, games and random knickknacks is tremendous. This is also the place to find trinkets and other miscellanea such as hats, masks, sunglasses and balloons, in whatever quantity you want. If it's not here, your child probably doesn't need it.

Best Used-Toy Store
Toy Exchange
12354 W. Alameda Pkwy., Lakewood

Toy Exchange sells some new toys, including hard-to-find future collectibles, but what sets it apart are the previously owned playthings available to you and yours at severe discounts. The management only accepts toys that are in excellent condition, and everything looks as clean and hygienic as the new stuff that costs a great deal more. Also, the Exchange buys used items outright--there's no consignment policy--so you can turn that Barney your child has finally discarded (thank God) into ready cash.

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