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Greg Kasarcik allegedly claimed he'd blow up teen's computer if she wouldn't Skype sex acts

Knowing that Ohio's Greg Kasarcik has been arrested and extradited to Colorado for alleged sexual exploitation adds creepiness to one item on his Facebook page and dark humor to another.

The creepy part? Kasarcik's decision to share a notice about a missing fourteen-year-old -- since his alleged victim is thirteen.

The humor? A post that reads, "My shit got hacked" -- because the accusations against him revolve around his threat to infiltrate the teen's computer...and blow it up.

On January 2, according to the First Judicial District DA's office, police in Arvada were contacted by a local woman on behalf of her two teenage neighbors -- girls age thirteen and sixteen.

The pair were said to be in tears.

The reason? The thirteen-year-old was visiting what's described as "a social networking site frequented by teens" when she stumbled upon a profile for someone who claimed to be fifteen.

Kasarcik's 24, by the way.

Shortly thereafter, Kasarcik, in his teen guise, convinced the girl to switch from the previous site to Skype. The two then began texting, with the content of their conversation rapidly moving toward the sexual -- and when the girl began to balk at what the DA's office characterizes as Kasarcik's "demands," he said he'd blow up her computer remotely if she didn't get nasty.

Since the girl had just gotten a new laptop for Christmas, she was afraid Kasarcik could actually make the device go boom. But rather than caving in, she told her sixteen-year-old sister what was up, and together they informed the neighbor who called the cops.

Before long, investigators had determined that Kasarcik lived in the Ohio community of Ripley. He's now been formally charged with three felonies: sexual exploitation, Internet sexual exploitation and criminal exploitation.

Kasarcik is expected to make his first court appearance on April 11. In the meantime, he hasn't been able to post on his Facebook page -- but someone else recently did. The visitor writes, "Damm man ik u were weird but a 13 year old girl well u deserve whats coming to ya have fun in Colorado watch your ass."

Good advice. Here's a look at a less-hairy Kasarcik's booking photo.

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