Grizzly Errors

When journalists try to report the news, words frequently get in the way -- and a web page entitled

"I Read the News Today Oh Boy!"

offers proof. It hasn't been updated for a while (the most recent entry is from 2006), but the linguistic gaffes generated by a slew of local newspapers, including this one, are as fresh as the day they were made.

Examples? How about a July 2006 Colorado Daily headline reading "Corrupt Politicians Rouse Voter Apathy"? Or a November 2005 Boulder Daily Camera banner that declared "Soldier Who Died in Colo. Springs was in Iraq"? (Must have had a split personality.) But these entries are topped by a September 2005 letter in the Camera that declares, "As if being mauled to death is not punishment enough, Saunders gives Treadwell a good posthumous bashing by stating 'stupidity kills' in reference to his tragic and grizzly death."

As the site's author notes, "I'll bet it was a grisly bear." -- Michael Roberts


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