HD Radio: The Original Vail Plan

As noted in this July 24 More Messages blog, former Colorado Public Radio board member Frances Koncilja, who resigned from the organization over her objections to a series of planned moves, is part of a new website that largely focuses on CPR. For proof, check out a recent entry revealing inside information about a plan to bring HD Radio to Vail.

Judging by a June 20 document entitled "CPR Board Information Item," supporters of the proposal were rather confident of victory. Here's the communications plan timeline:

April 18: CPR/CPRN staff meetings.

May 1: Transmitter equipment ordered

May 7-June 6: HD radios distributed to staff, experiential research.

June 14: Staff survey results compiled, recommendations (if any) incorporated into plan.

June 20: CPR Board vote: Assuming approval:

June 21-July 9:

Notify CPR underwriters, appropriate VIPs. Contact all key constituents who should hear about the change from us personally, rather than through public channels.

Line up sources for radios and antennas, ideally with discount deals for CPR listeners.

Record and schedule on-air promos, prepare print ads & posters.

Prepare Eagle County member postcard mailing.

Establish front-desk procedure, escalation process, and standard responses for listener calls/e-mails. Set up voice & e-mail boxes for HD tech questions.

Week of July 9: Drop postcard mailing to CPR members in Eagle County for July 16 delivery.

July 16: Meet w/editor of Vail Daily.

Update website.

Start on-air promos (Vail only).

Hang posters in Vail.

August 1: Notify FCC of change.

September 4: Go live.

In all likelihood, only a few of these steps were taken. Thanks in part to a presentation Koncilja made at the June 20 board meeting, the board declined to rubber-stamp the Vail proposal. However, the scheme will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion at the next board get-together, slated for September. Expect to hear more about that session as it draws nearer. -- Michael Roberts

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