Hellooooo, Ladies!: Sexy Facebook Poser Keith Gardner Busted for Stripping at Police Station

Keith Gardner is very comfortable showing off his physique, as is clear from his Facebook profile pic, seen here and in wider angle, maybe-safe-for-work-but-maybe-not version below. But Colorado Springs cops say he went a little too far yesterday -- by stripping down in a police station. And the story doesn't end there.

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According to the Colorado Springs blotter, the incident took place around 8 p.m. last night at the Police Operations Center, located at 705 South Nevada Avenue.

At that time, an officer assigned to the center called for backup when a man later identified as Gardener, 38, walked into the building's lobby and took his pants off.

He did the same thing in his aforementioned Facebook photo:

This time around, however, he allegedly decided to ditch his briefs, as well.

The blotter notes that after the man exposed himself, he quickly split on foot.

Officers followed, and they didn't have to look far. They found him running naked on the 800 block of South Nevada.

As you can see in the following Google Maps screen capture, this stretch of roadway includes a convenient bail-bonds business:

Moments later, Gardner was "contacted" and taken into custody on suspicion (a strong suspension, apparently) of indecent exposure.

Shortly thereafter, Gardner got the chance to pose for another photo -- but the folks at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center clothed him first and aimed the camera above the shoulders. Sorry, ladies. Here's a look at his mug shots.

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