Hey, All You Haters

For those of you who just can’t get your fill of talking shit right here in town, there's quite a lively discussion on the Food Media and News forum here at chowhound.com . The focus appears to be primarily about how much I suck, how crooked / deluded / psychotic / egotistical I am and how nothing I say can be trusted since my July 2004 kneecapping of The Kitchen in Boulder -- which was not a great restaurant then and continues to not be a great restaurant now.

And while, yes, a few brave souls have stepped to my defense, this is mostly a boot party, so haters take note: if you’ve got a bone to pick, this is the place du jour. I figure I’ll let it go for a few days just to see how weird shit gets out there on the interweb, but next week I’ll be answering some of the specific charges myself.

That’s when the fun should really start. I can hardly wait.--Jason Sheehan

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