Reader: HOAs Are for Beige Neighborhoods Run by Beige Boards

A Littleton HOA wants to capture this flag.
A Littleton HOA wants to capture this flag.
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Down in Littleton, a couple has faced off against its HOA regarding a Black Lives Matter flag. In Lafayette, another couple is fighting their HOA over a sign that mentions the BLM movement. "I want to have signage that promotes our values of diversity and inclusion on our own private property," says Kristen Freaney, the Lafayette homeowner.

Now these conflicts could inspire legislation intended to prevent HOA rules that the ACLU of Colorado considers a violation of free speech.

In the meantime, readers are exercising their right to free speech regarding the controversy — and HOAs in general. Says Jack:

I’m for BLM, but HOAs have policies — so if you don’t like it, maybe just move.

Adds Veronica:

Or better yet, if you want to fly a political flag, make sure it's not against the HOA guidelines BEFORE you buy the house.

Responds David:

Beige neighborhoods run by beige HOA boards and filled with beige people. Suburban neighborhoods were designed to segregate and promulgate racism.

Wonders Gary:

If you allow for signage that promotes your values of diversity and inclusion then don’t you also have to allow your neighbors to do the same thing even if their values of inclusion and diversity do not perfectly align with yours?

Counters Scott:

HOAs...they can’t fix broken gutters, but can damn sure make it lickity-split about a flag that doesn’t align with (insert MAGA neighbor’s name here) political views 100 percent.

Suggests Chris:

HOA board members were chosen last for kickball in grade school and are forever trying to get revenge...

Adds Linda:

HOAs are for wannabe elitists with a NIMBY attitude. Tattle tales.

Notes Kris:

HOAs: For when you feel like entrusting the largest asset most of us are likely to own with people you wouldn't trust with a fuckin' TV remote.

Offers Matt:

I swear the people who run HOAs are boomers, failed law enforcement hopefuls, or wannabe bureaucrats who could never find their way in actual government.

But Kirk concludes:

When you buy a home in an HOA-covered community, you sign the HOA rules as you close on the home. Do the rules restrict? Yes. Do the rules demand adherence? Yes. If you want to fly a 20-foot pirate flag to champion your free speech, that's awesome. Just do it in a non-HOA-covered community. Honor the agreement, or go through the HOA board to change the rules.

Have you ever lived in a development with an HOA? What did you think of the rules? What do you think about the potential for legislation? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.