Holy angel farts! Ashton Kutcher is stoked about the Cutler trade

What a polarizing day in the Mile High City, eh? While some folks are stoked that Cutler's been sent packing, there's just as many who are completely disillusioned and cursing the day that McDaniels got the nod to be the Bronco's new skipper. As word broke across the country, the news wasn't just playing with the emotions of those who live here. We came across one fellow in particular who's giddier than a school girl about picking up Cutler. From the looks of Ashton Kutcher's Twitter feed, dude is, well, absolutely twitterpated about the latest developments. "HOLY ANGEL FARTS," he tweets. "I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY THIS IS LIKE RIGHT UP THERE WITH MY WEDDING DAY"

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