Sarah Palin.

How much does it cost to do other things with Sarah Palin?

The pricetags associated with Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's October 4 morning fundraiser in Centennial are mighty steep: $1,000 to attend the breakfast, $2,500 per person to take a photo with her and $25,000 to be part of a "VIP coffee" klatch. But that leaves out a lot of other possible moneymaking prospects. So what would it cost to do other stuff with Palin? And by "other stuff," we don't mean the sort of things touted on VPILF.com (a site that's down at this writing). We're talking about breakfast stuff -- for the most part. Here's what we think the GOP faithful would be willing to pay for ten other opportunities:

Engaging in a long, lingering handshake -- $30,000 Ushering Palin to a table with your hand in the middle of her back -- $40,000 Wiping off Palin's seat -- $50,000 Taking a big whiff of Palin's hairspray and perfume as she sits down -- $60,000 Putting a napkin in Palin's lap -- $70,000 Listening to Palin's Rice Krispies snap, crackle and pop -- $80,000 Wiping Palin's full, pouting lips -- $100,000 Breaking Palin's eggs -- $125,000 Passing Palin the cream -- $150,000 Sharing a sticky bun -- Priceless -- Michael Roberts

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